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Interview: Randolph & Mortimer

In a world where electronic music has gone from oontz to wobble, it can be refreshing when things turn to the past and pay homage to old influences, but with a modern twist. On that note is a quiet storm twisting it's way throughout Sheffield's industrial scene, and it's name is Randolph & Mortimer.

Starting back in 2010, the project's name suggests a duo - but creator Sam tells a different story - 
"The name came from 'Trading Places', where two broker brothers do a 'Prince & Pauper' move with actors Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. The names of these characters intrigued me and felt that it suited the message I wanted to express in my music".

The message itself is very eighties-style in many ways: taking in the early industrial sounds of Nitzer Ebb, Ministry and Machines of Loving Grace, as well as recalling the essence of what the decade was like in the UK culturally. Sam recalls how he started out with R&M -"I've been doing this for years, I spent a lot of time DJing in different styles, and a few years back I made a full album that was more of a concept album based on how in the space of 1982 to 2012 nothing has really changed. Tories in power, economy in the toilet and ideas of debt and credit. The only problem was I'd just finished mixing it when I lost the hard drive and the only song the had partially survived was one I'd written about Maggie Thatcher. I don't dwell on what I lost though, this new EP is something new."

There's good history of this in the industrial scene - iconic electronic act Meat Beat Manifesto lost their first album 'Storm the Studio' to a fire in the building where it was stored - "I had someone mention that to me a while back, but I'd never heard about it... Since the 90's I haven't really kept up to date on the Industrial scene. The last album I bought from the genre was a while ago now, but I have recent interests now."

The interests in question include the raging torrent that is 'Youth Code' - the raw and wriggling duo from L.A, and 3 Teeth - a dark and twisted anger fest that Sam was lucky enough to do some work with - "I messaged them a while back about their work, cause I loved their style. They kind of reminded me of the Mad Max films and had that sound of the industrial stuff I used to love back in the day. They had me remix their track 'Consent', which was great to do. I loved the remixes too, there's a real eclectic mix that doesn't follow any particular sound - so it cleverly appeals to different people." 

R&M's own debut is set to be released in the US on the Young Cubs Label - "Up until now there's been nothing released yet, I wanted to make something that was the next chapter to the songs I'd already put up on my Soundcloud - and $ocial £utures is all about me setting my own boundaries with no real demographic. There's still the underlying current of politics and debt but it's not a concept release. It's due to be released on Cassette sometime in July, I also plan to get my live team [made up on himself, his brother and a friend] set up and ready ASAP."

"We all come from different musical backgrounds, but I'm hoping it's not too hard to get sorted. It would be easier to work from a computer like most recent industrial acts, but I want the live experience, cause we love a challenge. We're even looking on working hard on the visual side of the live show. The video for 'Debt is King' is basically a Trash music promo, with cut up tapes and such, but we want to go further with Typography and images relating to the songs."

With the sound of  grim reality knocking on our door and a pure love for the original ideas of the genre, Randolph & Mortimer are a welcome reminder that the Industrial scene is in good hands.
"You start doing music for fun, and if you're lucky you make it big, but there's always pressure to follow trends. We're not like that, we love being the underdogs!"

To catch up on news and tunes about Randolph & Mortimer, check out their Facebook page:

Words | Dokka Chapman


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